The Junior Orthodox Youth (J.O.Y.) (5-8)  and Jr. G.O.Y.A (9-11)  program aims to provide our children time and space so that they may learn, experience and share their Orthodox Faith with other children of their age group. The program aims to nurture a sense of belonging to our church-community and create a spiritual foundation for our children.

J.O.Y and Jr. G.O.Y.A meet on a monthly basis on a Friday in the church basement. The meetings begin at 5:30 pm and end at 7:15 pm.

Through monthly meetings and special outings, children share fun experiences together, learn about our orthodox faith, chant church hymns and share meals together.

Parents are encouraged to join during our outings, special events and monthly get-togethers. Parents or grandparents may also help with various tasks as needed to ensure that gatherings run smoothly.

More information through the Church Office:

613-225-8016 ext. 222