Greek Orthodox Youth Association

Ages 12 to 18

The goal of GOYA is to form bonds of fellowship with peers as well as solidifying our Greek Orthodox Christian beliefs and faith. GOYA members participate in monthly meetings and group activities. The group strives to provide an environment where youth can live and learn our Orthodox faith and culture by participating in charitable events and group activities.

The GOYA leadership is comprised of our spiritual director Father Alex Michalopulos, the GOYA executive officers, as well as youth and parent advisors.

GOYAns gather once a month in the church hall to discuss relevant religious topics. Snacks and refreshments are always served. Regular outings and socials are also planned to increase group interaction.

Two or more retreats are held each year, and out of town trips are planned well in advance. GOYAns enjoy a special time together for a change of pace, fellowship, reflection, growth, and bonding as a faith community.

Fundraisers are also held to support GOYA activities, our church, and those in need.  

More information through the Church Office:

613-225-8016 ext. 222